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30November 2020

Diplomacy students in D.C. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, undergraduate and graduate students of numerous majors can participate in the School of Diplomacy's

Semester in Washington, D.C., program, a collaboration in between the School and the United Nations Foundation. This year, research studies and internships are being held essentially. This program was established to provide students the chance to compete for prestigious semester-long internships with Washington, D.C., based companies, organizations and business, while keeping their full-time trainee status and financial aid packages. The program's coursework allows trainees to gain important insight into the inner operations of Washington, D.C., through interactions with impressive practitioners based in the region.

Program director and teacher of practice, Dr. Ray Walser, spoke about how the experience is both the same and different this semester.

“In essence, the content and requirements of the course have actually not changed. Students are still anticipated to participate in important thinking, perform research and written workouts and take part in class discussion. The use of the Microsoft Teams internet platform and small class sizes enable routine interaction.”

Dr. Walser indicated, “The chief lorry for the insider experience is a wide range of discussions with present and former government officials, scholars and policy supporters.” This term, students have heard from a serving admiral in the Coast Guard, two retired Army generals, a former national security advisor for Latin America and primary operating officer of the International Republican Institute, 2 retired ambassadors, experts at the United Nations Foundation and a vice-president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

A few of the major changes include no in-person contact, no in-person speakers and no visits to Washington websites– Congress, the Pentagon, the State Department, think tanks, etc. Dr. Walser says,”It is not the very same to participate virtually … however (trainees) appear to have adapted well.”

Among the D.C. Program individuals, undergraduate Annika Springsteel shared a few of her ideas with us on how the program is running this year. Although she had expectations that there was a great chance the program would be held online, Annika was disappointed at first. However, she highlights that the program “has grown on her”, and now she has the ability to finish the D.C. Program while taking in-person classes on school utilizing the benefits of the HyFlex system, and while continuing to work in the Office of International Programs.

Annika thinks that the virtual format of the Semester in D.C. Program still supplies the same career chances as it did before the coronavirus pandemic. She stresses the exceptional work of Professor Walser for generating visitor speakers that represent numerous fields in the federal government. Annika Springsteel points out the fact that all students enrolled still have a fascinating chance to ask questions and talk to first-rate specialists, namely, ambassadors, CIA officers, Generals, Congressional staffers and more.

One advantage of the program, is that trainees can connect with professionals that have actually followed career courses numerous students of diplomacy and worldwide relations are interested in pursuing.: “All of them [the visitor speakers] have been extremely generous with their contact info, so we have the alternative to connect to them for further info and networking”, Annika states.

All trainees have secured virtual internships for this term, not limited to Washington, D.C. Mohanad Alsaid, a graduate student, for instance, is currently enjoying his position as an intern at the Department of External Communications and Information Control of the Costa Rican Permanent Mission at the United Nations.

Catherine Ruby

Dr. Catherine Ruby Alondra Camargo presently holds a position as a Research Assistant at the Modern War Institute at West Point. Alondra highlights that this position was provided to her by Dr. Ruby, Director of Internships and Career Development at School of Diplomacy. The scope of Alondra's work focuses on carrying out research to find and evaluate the practices that extremist groups in Africa use to recruit brand-new members. Additionally, she is putting together the information for the Battle Summary Index, which summarizes the most popular battles in metropolitan history. Alondra's goal is to operate at a think tank. She emphasizes that her experience at MWI will benefit her in getting research study experience and expanding her knowledge of international relations in basic.

The Semester in D.C. Program offers a safe and robust learning opportunity no matter the format. The School of Diplomacy's Semester in DC Program is accepting participants for the Spring 2021 semester.Source: shu.edu

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