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28October 2020

“We will not be offering a declaration at this time,” said Boyd's lawyer, Beth Collis, of Dinsmore & & Shohl LLP in Columbus.

A second lawyer of record, Jeff Bowling of Hamilton, did not return calls or an e-mail asking for comment. Boyd did not return a message left at his workplace looking for comment.

The first allegation to the board consists of 2 incidents of improper touching in 1994. Boyd supposedly had the patient completely disrobe and lie face up on a table, and he rubbed the client's thighs, chest, stomach and genitalia up until the patient was sexually excited. The patient also declares Boyd's trousers zipper was “askew.”

A second client declares Boyd taken part in sexual conduct with him between July 22, 1989 and about Sept. 11, 1993, on at least 5 occasions at his workplace or home, according to documents filed with the state chiropractic board. The second client declares Boyd instructed him to bring up his t-shirt and pull his pants and underclothing down to his knees or ankles and lie face up. Then Boyd apparently massaged the patient's lower abdomen and genitalia until the patient was sexually excited.

The third claims took place in between March 2011 and April 2011 included a minor kid, according to documents from the board.

“While client C was pushing the change table, wrongly, and without chiropractic requirement, you rubbed patient C with lotion, without gloves close to his genital areas on both sides, exposing his genital areas as you rubbed,” the board files say.

The forth claims from a client made to the chiropractic board declares Boyd on two celebrations in between September 2014 and July 2017 touched his genitalia. Boyd instructed the supposed victim to lie on the table and take down his shorts and underwear then messaged and touched the guy's genitalia, according to board files.

Hamilton authorities informed the Journal-News that investigators are performing a criminal investigation after alleged victims came forward in the past few months. Authorities served a search warrant at Boyd's Main Street office on Oct. 16, according to Police Chief Craig Bucheit.

“The Hamilton Police Department has been investigating accusations that Dr. Stephen Charles Boyd took part in sexual conduct with numerous clients. Throughout this examination, Det. Barker has interviewed several subjects regarding unsuitable contact that Dr. Stephen Boyd has had with them under the guise of chiropractic treatment, or other medical treatments,” Detective Joe Barker wrote in court files.

One male informed HPD that he had been a patient in between 2011 and 2014 and likewise briefly worked for Boyd. When the alleged victim had to do with 18 or 19, he started receiving treatment from Boyd for pain in the back. The man stated Boyd instructed him on one occasion to push his back on the treatment table and pull down his shorts and underwear.

“Once (the guy) had actually done as advised, Dr. Boyd supposedly rubbed (the male's) abdominal area, thighs, and ultimately carried on to touch and deal with (the guy's) genitalia,” Barker wrote in court documents.

A female informed detectives she went to Boyd for treatment of back pain in 2010 and 2011 when she was 16 or 17. The female informed detectives Boyd took X-rays of her and moved her into a separate treatment room. Boyd advised her to push the treatment table and put his hands through the top of her shorts and began touching and rubbing her vaginal area, the female told detectives.

Another alleged victim informed cops he was a patient of Boyd's between 2011 and 2012. The man said he went to Boyd for an assessment when he was 16 so that he might participate in sports. Boyd told him to place on gown, took X-rays, pulled down the man's shorts and underclothing and put his hands on the supposed victim's penis for approximately 2 minutes, according to court documents.

The last supposed victim spoken with by the investigator stated he was dealt with by Boyd between 2008 and 2012 when he was age 14 to 18. On 3 occasions, Boyd asked the supposed male victim to come to the workplace after hours.

That victim stated Boyd on one event informed him to remove his shorts and underclothing and rest on the treatment table. Boyd massaged the teen's knee then moved up the leg to the thigh and to the genitalia until the victim was sexually aroused, according to documents.

The detective talked to previous staff members of Boyd who stated the doctor took X-rays of clients' genitalia, according to the affidavit for a search warrant.

“Multiple staff members have mentioned the reality that Dr. Boyd would regularly have clients become extremely thin gowns in order to take X-rays of the clients The staff members advised that these X-rays typically would reveal the outline of the client's genitalia, and that there were no specific items/tools utilized to protect or prevent the genitalia from being exposed on the x-ray images,” Baker wrote in the court document.

The detective stated one former employee recommended Boyd intentionally reduced the maker to consist of the genitalia in the X-ray image.

Authorities took a desktop computer, an iPhone, many X-rays from the previous 30-plus years, a box of Polaroid photos, two containers of movie, medical records for the alleged victims and 5 electronic hard drives.

Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser said he is aware of the criminal investigation.

“What was seized by cops in the search warrant has to be examined, examined and we will then be working toward the factor to consider of a discussion to a grand jury if we make an evaluation that a crime may have been dedicated,” Gmoser told the Journal-News.

Source: journal-news. com

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