John Macdonald: Nine hundred billion reasons to have actually lost faith in Washington D.C. – Lowell Sun

30December 2020

President Trump succumbed to the pressure put on him by Congress, the Senate, and the news media and signed a bad bill. His disdain for the pork packed 5,593-page stimulus costs was ignored by the left-wing journalism elites who hammered him at every turn during the legislative process.

Trump, with his big-headed, special style of reality telling, concerned Washington D.C. to beat the overload. However, the Democrat and Republican overload creatures have defeated him, at least at this stage of the battle. Trump's desire to make the American individuals federal government's very first concern has been offered the middle finger by Washington D.C. politicians and power brokers with billions of dollars at their disposal. The funds they manage must focus on relief to Americans impacted by the pandemic.

But this federal government does not feel our discomfort. To them, we are a problem and they would rather engage in high level horse trading that hear us complain about our destroyed companies and reduced livelihoods.

In 1956, the Soviet Union's leader Nikita Khrushchev stated: “We will take America without shooting a shot. We do not need to get into the U.S. We will ruin you from within.”

Well, communist Khrushchev's forecast is becoming an all too uncomfortable reality. The idea that $600 dollars or even $2,000 dollars is going to make a long-lasting difference in the lives of millions of Americans is absurd. One of the key elements of what made communism, socialism, and fascism effective in other nations is the act of making its individuals reliant and delighted with the concept of survival versus success.

Today, an excellent percentage of American people will be happy to endure with the assistance of the federal government today, rather than believing even from another location through the lens of prosperity, chance, or the future.

In addition to the anemic stimulus cash payment, which to Trump's credit the bill consists of a $300 weekly joblessness supplement, $284 billion in loans to small companies and entertainment venues. The expense creates 3 new museums, the Smithsonian American Women's History Museum, the Coast Guard Museum and the National Museum of the American Latino.

There is likewise $15 billion allocated towards grant programs for live home entertainment venues such as Broadway. Another $40 million is committed “for the necessary expenses for the operation, maintenance and security” of The Kennedy Center, which got $25 million in COVID-19 relief earlier this year. By the method the Kennedy Center has been closed. I think it's fair to say that in spite of the apparent sacrifices the Kennedy family has actually produced the nation, the Kennedys nor their pet jobs need to be a concern when American kids are starving.

I also would hope that Americans feel it is unconscionable that Congress would pass this omnibus bill allocating billions in foreign help to “address the underlying cases of poverty and inequality,” in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. How about a cool $10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan?

Washington D.C. political leaders that settle the world is a popular activity in the beltway. At the same time they are making America weaker. DC is starving Americans into hardship and pushing, we the people, into being thankful for our own survival.

We grovel for our pittance and obediently go on our method.

If Democrats and Republicans were genuinely interested in assisting America, someone would have introduced an infrastructure costs that puts Americans to work building highways, reconstructing bridges, revamping 100-year-old rail systems, and modernizing our electrical grid.

However, that would make Americans independent and success driven, not desperate and dependent, which is what this legislation aims to do.

Worried Americans require to hold chosen leaders responsible. Perhaps we defund their incomes or “re-imagine” their roles. In the very least, we should let them know that though they operate in the extravagant halls of remarkable structures, the power, the genuine power, lies with the people.Source:

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