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28July 2020

Washington, D.C., has needed that citizens or visitors who remained in 27 various states that are locations for coronavirus need to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival in the city.

Mayor Muriel Bowser's workplace released the list of states considered “high threat” on Monday and triggered confusion or tension for many who prepared to travel throughout the rest of the summer.

Numerous are wondering: Would I be needed to self-quarantine? Everything boils down to whether you're on vital travel or excessive travel: That identifies what action you must take when you return.

Here are some of your top concerns about the self-quarantine order, addressed.

Do you have a question not covered here? Email!.?.! or Tweet @nbcwashington. What does the order state, in simple

terms? The Bowser administration is informing individuals: Don't go on

getaway and put your next-door neighbors at danger when you return. Anyone who went to or sees one of the”high threat “states for an unnecessary factor, like a holiday, should self-quarantine for 2 weeks upon their return. That suggests staying at house unless you absolutely need to leave for necessary food and treatment. If you travel to a high-risk location for an important function, you don't need to quarantine but ought to restrict contact with others and monitor yourself for signs for 2 weeks. What counts as an important trip? Necessary activities or jobs are things that are required for the health

and security of you, a home member,

relative or a pet. Caregiving, getting treatment and carrying out a necessary task are a few of the leading factors.

Taking a trip to worship, get academic products, to go house or for a court-ordered requirement(such as a custody contract) are likewise allowed under the District's definition of vital activities. All government workers on duty are considered important. The Washington Nationals baseball team is also thought aboutimportant and visiting groups won't be needed to quarantine. What states are impacted? The order currently applies to these states: Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia

, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin How do I self-quarantine? Self-quarantine ways staying home and having no guests unless they are a necessary caretaker. You should not leave

unless you absolutely need food or treatment. The Mayor's office encourages going with delivery and telehealth when it's a feasible alternative. What if I visit a high-risk state for a vacation? If you check out a high-risk state for any inessential factor, including a holiday, you will require to isolate at home for 2 weeks after getting here back in D.C. What if I already visited a high-risk

state for a nonessential factor? If you have visited among the high-risk states within the past 14 days, start your quarantine right away. What if I visit one of the high-risk

states on essential service? You do not need to self-quarantine, however you must monitor yourself

for coronavirus signs and limit contact with others for two weeks upon returning. If you have signs, contact

a healthcare company.”When they do go back to their homes after work …

remain at house and only go out for essential activities such as purchasing food and groceries,”Chris Rodriguez, Director of D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said. Do I need to quarantine if pertaining to D.C. for an important

function? No, but you should monitor yourself for symptoms and limit direct exposure to others when you return. I'm a D.C. citizen who planned to go to a high-risk state. Should I cancel my trip? It depends. D.C. doesn't want homeowners

traveling to the high-risk states at all. However, it's not restricted to go to. If you are willing and able to comply with the self-quarantine guideline, you might still travel.

Sign in with your employer about their rules and regulations: Can you work from home throughout the self-quarantine duration? Do you need to use paid time off to quarantine? These are necessary to know when making your decision. I live in D.C. but require to assist a family member in a high-risk state. Can I go? Yes, and you will not require to quarantine when you return. Looking after a relative in need is considered essential. However you should monitor yourself for symptoms and limitation exposure to others when you return. I'm from a high-risk state and need to take care of a household

member in D.C. Can I come? Yes, and you don't need to quarantine. But display yourself for

signs and get in touch with a medical company if you have any. Furthermore, only leave home when it's essential. I'm from a high-risk state. Should I trip in D.C.? Most likely not, unless you are prepared to honor a two-week quarantinein your hotel or another lodging. Can I still take a trip between D.C., Maryland and Virginia?

Yes, Maryland and Virginia are entirely exempt from the order. The order doesn't require additional preventative measures when taking a trip between Maryland, Virginia and D.C. What are the charges

for breaking the order? Violations are punishable with 90 days in jail or a$5,000 fine. How will the order be enforced? Today, indications indicate the order being mostly enforced by the honor

system. Colleges, services and residencies are asked to force

individuals to follow the order by declining services and similar steps. Colleges are required to keep a list of trainees originating from hot spots and some offices are mandatingcompliance. Bowser made it clear that citizens need to

n't call the police on their neighbors. The administration is trying to send a

message: Don't go on getaway to locations because

it causes community spread. Should I call the cops on people who do not follow the rule? Bowser has advised people not to call the cops just because they see their next-door neighbors packing up for a journey. When can I travel to these states once again? The list will be updated every 2 weeks, so afflicted states may alter. The overall order requiring self-quarantine after being in a high-risk

state isn't set to expire till Oct. 9. How were the states picked? High-risk locations are areas where the seven-day moving average of everyday new cases of the infection is 10 or more per 100,000 individuals, D.C. says.

Will this impact my flight out of or in to the D.C. area? No, none of

the D.C.-area airports remain in the city limitations. There won't be signs or statements about the self-quarantine rule at airports. Why did D.C. implement this guideline?

The information trends show D.C. has backslid on some coronavirus metrics. Bowser says that citizens now must work toward the goals of decreasing spread within the community and getting kids back in school

. Still have questions?

Email!.?.! or Tweet @nbcwashington. Source:

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