DC Mayor Fears Race War, Concerned Over Outside Agitators – Washington, DC Patch

30August 2020

WASHINGTON, DC– Mayor Muriel Bowser blamed outside agitators for creating havoc and disrupting peaceful demonstrations over the weekend in the District of Columbia. She slammed President Donald Trump's Twitter attacks about the violence and stated outsiders will not be permitted to begin a race war.

“We will not endure violence of any kind in Washington, D.C.,” said Bowser, throughout a Monday public safety news briefing. “We do not tolerate it if it's on the streets between competing teams, and we won't tolerate it against our police officers, the guys and women who are charged with keeping our community safe. And we definitely will not endure it versus our locals and visitors.”

Bowser included that the collective attention of the District was on preventing violence of all kinds, all forms, and in all places.

“What we're certainly not going to do is stand by and enable outdoors agitators to come to our city to sidetrack us from our deal with D.C. citizens,” she stated. “Many of our residents are out there protesting themselves and doing so in harmony.”

However, Bowser stated that moving among those serene protesters over the weekend were individuals intent on wreaking havoc and violence against the police.

When asked whether she was concerned about tranquil protesters being hurt from the authorities response to the violence brought on by outdoors agitators, Bowser reacted: “What I'm worried about is this country descending into a race war, and I'm worried about the continued incitement of violence from management who ought to be concentrated on bringing our neighborhoods together.”

On Friday, thousands of demonstrators collected on the National Mall near the Lincoln Memorial for the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King's “I Have a Dream” speech. This year's event, titled The Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks, focused on calls to end racial oppression and police violence versus individuals of color.

Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham on Monday explained the march as one of the largest ever seen in the city.

“We invited 10s of countless demonstrators to our city, who quietly demonstrated throughout the day,” Newsham said. “I was out there the entire day and into the late night, and I have to tell you, that event was assisted in very in harmony and we had no arrests with the serene presentations that occurred on Friday.”

What District officials saw over the weekend, though, was really various. In contrast to the peaceful protesters Friday, Bowser stated, outside agitators appeared in the city, bringing weapons they would utilize to damage residential or commercial property in the city and interfere with the demonstrations.

“On Saturday and Sunday night … were agitators who descended on the city,” the mayor said. “It sounds like they came on Wednesday and Thursday armed for fight: fireworks, baseball bats, laser guidelines, and they were trying to find the authorities to challenge. They set fire to local newspaper boxes, achieving absolutely nothing.”

Bowser said District authorities did not know the identity of the outdoors agitators or who may money and arrange them, only that they had concerned the city to develop havoc.

“They are not the same as residents who proudly say, ‘Black Lives Matter,'” she stated. “What we require as a country, we understand, are systemic reforms. And what these agitators are doing is sidetracking from what our country needs.”

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted about Bowser, saying she needs to “detain these agitators and thugs!”

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