Could Washington D.C. become the 51st state? –

28June 2020

For the very first time since 1993, your home of Representatives will vote on making D.C. the 51st state.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA– It's one of the very first things you discover in school: that the United States has 50 states.

Since it has such a ring to it now, it can be easy to forget that it has not always been by doing this. In reality, it's only been given that 1959, when Hawaii signed up with the Union and ended up being the 50th State. This year, a group of lawmakers is attempting to turn 50 into 51 by making Washington, D.C. the country's most recent state. Democrats in the House of Representatives have made history by

passing an expense to make it so. You might think that adding a state to the Union needs some sort of constitutional convention, or amendment, or something fancy like that, but actually no– an easy expense in Congress will do the

trick. RELATED: DC is now one step more detailed to ending up being the 51st state”Article 4, Section

3 of the United States Constitution offers Congress the power to develop a brand-new state “discussed Jennifer Anderson, a government teacher at the University of Louisville.” It states that no state can be produced from another state without that state's approval, but otherwise it's an extremely straight-forward legal procedure. It requires a basic bulk vote in your home and in the Senate, and then the president's signature, and then it ends up being law.”

section_type_text” readability=”40″ > It is essential to know that making Washington D.C. a state is a little bit more complex than other states for a couple crucial factors. The 23rd Amendment to the Constitution currently gives D.C. votes in the electoral college, and would for that reason likely need to be reversed. And, Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution says that the country's capital can't undergo any specific state's guidelines and laws. For that reason, a Washington, D.C. state could not in fact consist of the federal government.

“So the service to that, from Democrats, mostly, is to diminish the size of D.C.,”Anderson said.”So, to leave some smaller sized entity– which would be the U.S. Capitol and the nationwide shopping mall, and other designated sites– that would end up being the brand-new federal government. Then, the surrounding areas which are largely D.C. domestic wards would end up being the brand-new state.”

All of this talk may have you asking: why jump through all of these hoops to make D.C. a state? Well, supporters will point back to the very start of our nation, and the factor we split off from Great Britain in the very first location: “tax without representation.” Locals of Washington, D.C. need to pay federal taxes, and follow federal laws; yet, they don't have representation in the Congress that makes those taxes and laws.

“The United States is the only country on the planet where the residents of its capital do not have representation in it's legal body, “stated Anderson.”So, paradoxically, the really issue by which we produced ourselves– “tax without representation”– still haunts citizens of D.C. today.”

Even still, you probably should not be holding your breath for Washington, D.C. to become a state. Many Republicans (who currently manage the Senate) are super opposed to this. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said in the past that he would not even bring this up for a vote in the Senate. President Trump has publicly opposed it, too.

“It's popular that Washington D.C. is one of the most liberal places in the United States, and if there were 2 brand-new senators they would definitely be Democratic,” stated Anderson. “I would be exceptionally shocked if this passed this session.”

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