Chicago PhD Student Charged With Murder of Ex-Boyfriend in Washington DC – NBC Chicago

16November 2020

A PhD trainee at the University of Illinois Chicago, who works at the University of Notre Dame, was charged with murder Saturday in the death of her ex-boyfriend in Washington, D.C., according to authorities and court files.

Nijinsky Latassia Dix, 37, of Jacksonville, Fla., was apprehended and charged with second degree murder while armed, ownership of unregistered ammunition and possession of an unregistered gun, the Metropolitan Police Department mentioned in a news release.

At roughly 5:26 p.m. on Saturday night, police officers reacted to a shots fired contact the 1000 block of Fourth Street, Southwest, and entered a house where they discovered a male person who had actually been shot.

The victim, Terry Hickman, 44, was pronounced dead.

According to court files, when officers reached the house, they saw the defendant, determined as Dix, kneeling at the victim's feet with her right hand raised and her left hand in between her legs. Officers observed that the defendant was holding a handgun, and asked to her drop the weapon, at which point she complied, the documents mentioned.

While on scene, officers heard a voice and saw that a mobile phone was linked to a contact speaker phone. Officers picked up the phone and talked to the individual on the other line who identified herself as Dix's mom, the court documents stated.

“The specific specified the accused called her and stated, ‘He pressed me, and I shot him,'” the court filings continued.

Dix was required to the healthcare facility where a doctor performed a health assessment. Emergency medical staff reported she had an abrasion to her inside left lower lip, but the cause was unclear, according to the documents.

Following an examination, a physician said the offender reported back pain and that there was an amount of time in which she “blacked out” and lost memory. The medical professional advised she was not sure what would trigger the accused to lose memory.

The physician informed investigators Dix didn't present with any physical signs of trauma and didn't show she had actually been attacked, the court filings stated.

Authorities spoke to numerous witnesses, among whom who stated they heard shots while outside the building, heard a female yell “oh my God,” and after that saw a lady walking backward and forward on a veranda.

The witness said the lady appeared to be holding a phone and gun, but that they didn't understand weapons well and didn't wish to “fully dedicate” to what the woman was holding.

Other witnesses told authorities they heard a woman state “help me” after numerous shots went off.

Another individual, who was familiar with Hickman, said she observed Dix with the victim in a parking garage prior to the shooting.

While processing the scene, proofs service technicians found a gun that had a round in the chamber. The gun's publication, according to court documents, consisted of numerous rounds of ammunition.

After being released from the health center, Dix was taken to a police station where she again complained of amnesia. During an interview with detectives, Dix asked authorities for some sort of information that might jog her memory about what took place, the filings mentioned.

When revealed a photo of Hickman, Dix started crying and duplicating “get it far from me.”

At one point she then stated, “you don't do people you love like that, that's not enjoy, I don't desire that, he can't do people like that, you do not do people you love like that. I'm sorry.”

Investigators spoke with a person who stated “the woman was stalking the decedent which she was from out of state but somehow discovered where he lived,” according to the court filings.

That person said Dix and Hickman had a three-month long relationship that ended in May.

According to the University of Notre Dame, Dix is the director of the “Talent Search Upward Bound” program known as “TRIO.”

In a declaration, a university representative validated Dix is used by Notre Dame and stated the university “is aware of her arrest and will cooperate with law enforcement as appropriate.”


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