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18January 2021

When couple duo Ben and Sara Hansen opened Functional Chiropractic Rehab in Mankato in May of 2020, they knew there would be lots of competition, with over a lots chiropractic specialists in town.

What makes their business stand apart is the McKenzie approach, a mix of physical treatment and standard chiropractic medicine that offers a patient ownership over managing their discomfort through exercises they can do in the house. Ben Hansen is one of only 2 chiropractic specialists in Minnesota that's certified in this form of treatment.

“The McKenzie approach is truly popular with physical therapists and medical physicians,” Ben Hansen said. “One of the things we're expecting organization sensible is that we can get referrals from other medical physicians and chiropractics physician in the area sending out clients to us.”

Ben Hansen became interested in the McKenzie approach while making his degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, spending 120 hours outside the required curriculum focusing specifically on that technique as a trainee physician at a free clinic for underserved clients.

“I truly like that it provided people that control over their discomfort themselves, so they weren't reliant on me to be continuously administering a treatment to simply make them feel a bit much better,” he stated.

Like other chiropractics physician, they have elevation tables to provide modifications that are utilized to remodel the spinal column, however likewise a workout area for various weights and extends that patients can do in the house to reduce their requirement for workplace sees.

“We recommend all kinds of workouts, but we try to keep it pretty simple,” Ben Hansen said. “I find that gets a much better result, where people have a possibility to attempt simply that one thing and see the result of it rather than being puzzled about all the different variables.”

About half of his clients have actually never ever seen a chiropractic physician prior to. The word “functional” originates from the couple's philosophy of difficulty shooting the reason for pain from everyday activities, like the workplace.

“If you deal with an assembly line, you may need to regularly pick up things over and over– lifting a particular pattern,” Ben Hansen said. “We'll grab some weights that represent those things and we'll do that same pattern of lifting.”

Making use of those weights and workouts can help identify the source of the discomfort, which is typically associated to pinched nerves triggered by posture or repetitive motion. Ben Hansen said that numerous individuals working from house due to the pandemic has actually resulted in a boost in back and neck discomfort for customers hunched over a computer for hours at a time.

“They're all jumbled up and their desk is either too low or too expensive and so their neck is hurting,” he stated. “A couple weeks into that they think they should go get help and not simply suffer through this. That's the sort of problem that we see all the time.”

Chronic discomfort aid Diagnosing the source of pain boils down to fixing what workouts and stretches aggravate the problem or supply some relief. Sometimes, clients will recuperate after a couple check outs, but chronic pain can make complex the process, particularly when the source of the pain originates from several aspects, called comorbidities.

“If you have pain in the back and likewise have diabetes and Lyme illness, I may potentially work with your medical doctor on the treatment for the diabetes and the Lyme disease,” he said. “You may have a massage therapist that you go to for the body aches. Those things tend to drag treatment out a bit. It's a lot of backward and forward as we go.”

Office supervisor Sara Hansen stated many physicians and physical therapists recognize with the McKenzie method. Recent research studies published in the Journal of Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions and the Journal of Athletic Training have actually discovered the method to be reliable in minimizing pain in the back.

“A lot of people are amazed to hear that medical doctors do not normally refer to a chiropractic specialist unless they know them because there's a lot of different techniques out there,” she stated. “Having that evidence-based strategy opens another door for referrals even without us having personal experience with them.”

That's helped them safe referrals from doctors, physical therapists and massage therapists whose clients may not be responding completely to those other treatments. Word of mouth has actually been the best advertising, in addition to social networks like Facebook.

Sara Hansen said their ultimate goal is to find a permanent solution to a customer's pain, so they can manage the signs by themselves without having to get modifications indefinitely.

“The most significant thing that sets us apart is that rehabilitation and releasing our patients,” she said. “A lot of offices tend to keep their clients under care, but since we give them those tools to do in the house, they feel confident taking care of themselves and calling if they seem like that can't. That's certainly what we pride ourselves on.”

That, stated Ben Hansen, is the most rewarding part of the task, particularly when a client comes to the clinic as a last option when other treatments haven't worked.

“My absolute preferred day is when we release patients and they're done with treatment,” he stated. “Two weeks earlier, you believed you were predestined to end up on a surgery table, and now you're feeling great and can move fantastic. That's what I get up for every early morning.”

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